Are YOU Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Social Media?

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Are YOU Making these 3 Mistakes with your Social Media?

Mistake #1 - One Size Fits All

A great deal of businesses looking to jump into establishing, what I like to call a social branding presence, make the mistake of choosing platforms that aren’t a good fit for either their brand or their audience.

What to do instead:

First, really think about which social media platforms are really going to showcase your product or service. Next, whom are you looking to attract? Does your target audience spend time on Pinterest or Twitter? Finally, educate yourself on how you can best leverage the social media platforms you’d like to use.

Mistake #2 - If You Build It, They’ll Come

And, once businesses take the time to establish a branded platform for their product or service they either: forget to make updates, believe they don’t need to do anything more with their social presence, or they don’t have the time to post or engage with their followers.

What to do instead:

Putting your business “out there” gives you the opportunity to keep the focus on YOU instead of your competitors. Still, how often do you think you’ll have folks returning to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram IF you’re serving up the same content you did three months ago? Commit to a posting schedule by establishing an editorial calendar or using any number of auto posting platforms.

Mistake #3 - Serving up Spam

No one really likes spam. According to SocialTimes, 14.5 billion spam messages are sent on social media EVERY DAY. Ugh!

 What to do instead:

Don’t get me wrong; it’s good to hear about special offers, programs, and other benefits of working with your business. But when too much of a good thing turns into spam – your best efforts will end up in the trash. Sometimes you have to give to get – share your ideas, strategies, and suggestions; the 4-1-1 rule is a great place to start.

 Bottom Line?

There’s no doubt about it – including the right mix of social media platforms to showcase your products and services needs to happen. But, it can take some time to figure out the best tools and service to yield sales, likes, returning customers, and long-time advocates of your brand. And remember, just as your business will grow and evolve so will your target audience. Keep them coming back for more by providing quality content that reminds them why they chose you (over your competitors) in the first place!