“Ambit Brand gave me the support and focus I needed to get the ideas I have about my business moving in the right direction”.   - Blitz Pet Professionals, PA


"Ambit Brand took the time to really talk to me, work with me and prepare a business plan for me. Ambit devised a customized plan to fit my needs. I have been approached by other branding companies who have a "one plan fits all" but my goals are different and Ambit Brand guided me to achieve these goals. -Bead Pod 327, MD

 “Working through the branding program was sometimes really hard, but Chimae made the process so much easier. I loved the Branding Blueprint they provided!” - Kris A., IL


 Fantastic Business Guidance! This statement truly exemplifies what this company is all about! Whether it is website development, social media or web marketing, Ambit Brand comes through with exceptional quality, suggestions and guidance. We had such a positive experience getting to know what the web could do for our business. I would recommend this company to any business looking to up their game!”   - Designing Smiles, PA


"It is my pleasure to recommend Chimae for any mentoring or consultative initiative. Chimae and I worked on many projects together and she is an excellent team member. Chimae has vision and understands the big picture. She's proactive and asks the right questions. As a mentor and/or a coach she understands the needs of employees or students. Her effective analytic skills provide her insight into the root cause of any gaps which makes her highly successful. It is important to note that Chimae treats each mentoring/coaching relationship uniquely as everyone's needs are different." - Clara P., PA


“Ambit Brand really gave my business the boost it needed to get ahead.”   -Junk Genius, FL


 “Ambit Brand totally customized a plan for what I wanted. They really listened and got me what I needed when I needed it.”   - Belles Tree Service, PA

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